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Styled Spa specializes in Korean facials and products. We center our facials around Korean facial protocols and methodology to give you beautiful radiant skin. 


Why Korean Skin Care?

We chose to specialize in Korean skin care due to the approach, research, development, products and ingredients used in Korean skin care. Korean facials is a holistic approach by not only addressing the visible concerns, but also looking at our daily lives, our intake, and overall health, along with the visible skin concerns we have on our skin; estentially targeting the root cause. By understanding the underlying issues that may cause the skin concern in the first place, we are able to understand and recommend a corrective service that will benefit you. Although we have specific facials, all facials within the specific treatment is customized to the client. 

Start your glass skin journey with us!

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Skin needling also known as collagen induction therapy, uses a device with microneedles to penetrate your skin and deliver powerful serums to your skin. This stimulates and promotes cell turnover and collagen production to give your skin more elasticity. Microneedling will give you incredible results with minimal to no down time. 

-Acne Scars
-Stretch Marks
-Fine Lines/ Wrinkles
-Mature/Saggy Skin
-Hyperpigmentation/Sun Spots
-and so much more!







Our Signature Facial allows you to relax and enjoy your time with us!

Targeting your skin concerns using our professional line of products with multiple modalities including, but not limited to; a relaxing Korean Facial Massage, hydrating mask, and a relaxing hydro-jelly mask. This facial will be customized to fit what's best for you!

This facial is a non-invasive facial and requires no down time. Leave our spa with beautiful radiant skin!









Korean Peels can range from minimal peeling to a full face peel. 

The peels can target different skin concerns and skin types. 


  • VX-7 Peel

  • LaZer Peel

  • S-Amino Peel

  • Omega Green Peel

  • Clear Peel

  • Meso Peel 

  • V-Grape Peel

  • Troipeel

  • VVS Peel

  • Seanergy Peel 

  • And More!

Talk to one of our Estheticians to see which peel best fits your needs. 




A non-invasive facial using a  Diamond-tip suction device to exfoliate the superficial layer of the skin to give you soft, smooth, radiant skin. 


EB Skin Renewal Peel

A chemical peel that renews your skin by promoting cell turnover. This will help with aging; fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation scars, acne scars, sun spots, and age spots, giving you a bright and even complexion. 

This peel requires a consultation to book. 



Using the Procell Microchannel device to deliver powerful serums into the skin. This treatment is minimally invasive and works for most skin types and skin concerns. 



An exfoliating facial that removes dirt, debris, vellus hair (peach fuzz), and imputiries on the superficial layer leaving your skin feeling clean and glowy. 


Get-Glowing Micropeel

The less intensive peel from the EB Skin Renewal Peel. This peel will give you a radiant glow. 


Jet Plasma

An ozone plasma device that opens the skin channels to allow serums to penetrate deeper, along with skin tighening and lifting. Non-invasive treatment that requires no down time. See results after the treatment!


Acne Facial

Using an electrosis device to "zit-zap" active acne and pimples to rid of bacteria and further growth. Along with high frequency to terminate bacteria deep within the pores to eliminate congestion. Following an acne peel to stimulate cell turnover and prevent future breakouts. Extractions using the Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber finshing with LED light therapy to calm the skin and inflammation. 



Using our High Intensity Focused Ultrasound device, this is the non-surgical "face lift" or treat anywhere on the body. Minimal to no down time needed. 

  • Loose Skin

  • Wrinkles & Fine Lines

  • Cellulite 

  • Skin Tightening & Lifiting 


Fractional Plasma/Cold Plasma

Skin rejuvenation procedure that can reduce the appearance of everything from fine lines and pore size to stretch marks and acne scars.


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